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Musical Nest Kit with Chime Bars

Musical Nest Kit with Chime Bars


The Musical Nest has exciting musical instrument kits available for purchase for Accessible. Online. Music Therapy.


These kits are not only useful for your online music therapy sessions, but they offer a unique opportunity for you to make music together with family members, connecting through music and developing the skills that are taught within the music therapy sessions.

There are two wonderful kits that are designed specifically to meet the needs of all music therapy sessions. Both kits are carefully chosen to develop and improve various sensory needs such as: sensory- motor, oral motor, tactile, visual-motor, fine and gross motor skills.


Kits are secured in an environmental friendly bag to easily pack away when you have finished making music.

If you are self-managed or plan managed through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia, these kits can be purchased using your funding.

  • Kit Contents

    1 x 12" Nino Drum with mallet
    1 x Nino Cabasa
    1 x Harmonica
    1 x pair of Castanets
    1 x Shaker/Guiro/Wood block with mallet
    1 x set of Soprano Chime bars with 2 mallets in a case.

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