Music Therapy

Face to face Music Therapy at our Musical Nest in the Blue Mountains.

Musical Instrument Kits

Feather your Musical Nest with musical instrument kits designed specifically for use in sessions together with our therapists.


The Musical Nest have a range of musical instrument kits available for purchase through our secure store. Each instrument has been selected for its quality and durability. These instruments are used in professional practice daily, made from high quality components that are easy to clean and, most importantly, sound great every time. 


With years of extensive experience, our Registered Music Therapists have written songs that have been tried and tested in both face to face and telehealth music therapy. These songs are constantly being added to our store and are easily downloadable with directions to help you get the most from your instruments. 

Click here to explore our range of musical instrument kits.

Online Music Therapy

Online Music Therapy delivers all the benefits of face to face sessions without the need to be physically in the same space. Thanks to accessible technologies like iPad's and other tablets, online Music Therapy sessions are available from The Musical Nest via free, secure video conference services such as and 

Online Music Therapy sessions typically run for 30 min and just like face to face sessions, they are based on the needs of each individual client. Parents and careers can be present and participate in with the session depending on the clients wishes.  


Funding for online Music Therapy is available through NDIS.

The NDIS has approved funding of Music Therapy via a telehealth platform if requested by a participant or their planner. The Musical Nest has been providing a number of self-managed, plan-managed and NDIA managed participants with online Music Therapy sessions and are able to help answer any questions you might have. 

More information on NDIS and telehealth can be found here.